07 June 2010

Lead Commissioning Engineer

Position: Lead Commissioning Engineer
Location: Miri, Malaysia
Commence: Aug2010
Complete: Feb2010
Optional: 12months extension
  • Certificate, diploma or degree in engineering (Mechanical, petroleum, instrumentation, control, electrical or chemical)
  • 20years for certificate, 16years for diploma, 12years for degree, in O&G facilities precommissioning, commissioning and initial startup
  • 8years as lead commissioning engineer
  • good knowledge of piping,s tatic, control systems, rotating equipment, system reinstatement, leak testing
  • intepret PEFS, PID,
  • good overview PLC alarm, shutdown, fire and gas, distributed, quality measurement, gas compressor, turbine, motor pumps control system.
  • good overview of power generation & distribution, smart motor, HV,LV, switchgear, diesel emergency generator, turbine generator, UPS, battery control systems
  • good understanding of SIMOPS philosophy concept
  • Hazard effect management process HEMP, HAZOP