20 July 2008


SIKOM group of companies are an integrated specialized service provider for the energy industry.

Our Core Business:-

1) Drilling Rig Inspection of all rig types which started since 2007

2) Drilling Rig & Operations, Multidisciplinary Manpower Supply Services, HR Services & Management, Project Management, Technical Consultancy, Specialized Training, Materials and Equipment Supply and other services tailor made to Client’s requirements and specifications.

SIKOM has 40+ years of experience in providing its services to Operators in the Oil and Gas Industry globally and is in joint-venture with the following operators / leading services companies in the oil & gas industry:

Myanmar: UNOG in manpower supply services, technical training and other services.

Vietnam: PVD-Training in technical training services and other services.

SIKOM has more than 40 international clients with more than 300 professional consultants under SIKOM’s contracts worldwide.

All our consultants operate directly under SIKOM’s payroll. We provide comprehensive HR support services including accommodation, logistics, education support and miscellaneous services for all our staff.