31 July 2008

Wellsite Geologist

Position: Wellsite Geologist
Location: Vietnam
Commence: early August 2008.
Duration: 4 wells

Welding Inspector

Position: Welding Inspector
Project: Offshore Installation
Location: Offshore Sarawak, Kerteh, Sabah, Malaysia
Duration: 1 year
Commence: 1 August 2008

NDT Inspector

Position: NDT Inspector
Project: Offshore Installation
Location: Offshore Sarawak, Kerteh, Sabah, Malaysia
Duration: 1 year
Commence: 1 August 2008

Night Drilling Supervisor

Position: Night Drilling Supervisor
Location: Sarawak Waters, Malaysia
Commence: ASAP
Requirement: 5 years in HPHT

Cash Management Assistant

Positin: Cash Management Assistant
Location: KL, Malaysia
Duration: 6 months

M/E/I Campaign Operations Support Site Representative CSR

Position: M/E/I Campaign Operations Support Site Representative CSR
Location: Brunei
Duration: 12 months
Experience: 5 years in Onshore and Offshore Engineering Industry. Disciplined trained with knowledge and experience in other disciplined activities.
  • To manage project implementation of all construction works offshore for SCO, being the responsible party / focal point offshore on all major campaign Mechanical works in compliance with rules and regulations and safety practices.
  • To assist in Contract reporting and execution managing the day to day offshore works, and ensure all the HSE and Quality requirement are adhered to.

Completion Service Engineer

Position: Completion Service Engineer
Location: Brunei
Duration: 23 months
Experience: Degree/HND in an Engineering Disciplines. 3-5 years experience of subsurface techniques, operations and equipment are required. 6-8 years of relevant Well Services Operational experience at a supervisory level.
Responsibility: To supervise and control operational activities associated with completions, exploration well testing, wireline, CTU and HWO activities, to provide safe, productive wells at optimum long term cost in accordance with Company procedures and Group HSE policies.

PSO Project Engineer

Position: PSO Project Engineer
Location: Brunei
Duration: Sep08 - Aug10
Experience: BSc in an engineering discipline
Responsibility: To mature a large number of relatively small metering and production system optimisation opportunities from identification to the point that the opportunities can be handed over to project engineers.

Electrical Technician

Position: Electrical Technician
Location: Brunei
Duration: upto Jul2010
Experience: 5 years with Heavy Electrical Power in Electrical Distribution and Transmission and Maintenance
  • To assist all Electrical maintenance carried out on all surface facilities. All Electrical related to safety and environment equipment and systems are properly maintained and are in good working order.
  • To assist to manage, schedule, execute and report Electrical maintenance and Project activities carried out on the designated location assets, in order to ensure all Electrical Distribution and Transmission systems are in good condition and high integrity for the customer satisfaction.
  • To check that contractors works are meeting contractual specifications and meeting all HSE standards and requirements.

Site HSE Advisor

Position: Site HSE Adviser
Location: Brunei
Duration: upto Apr2010
Experience: 8-10 years in construction site HSE
  • To assist the contract holders and CSR/s with the management of HSE on site.
  • To be the main site contact point for projects for all HSE issues.
  • To provide direction, guidance, and support on projects HSE issues on site:-
  1. Interpretation, application, and compliance with HSE standards & legislation.
  2. Effective use of risk management (HEMP) tools including JHA.
  3. Coordinate site communications, including input to toolbox meetings.
  4. Collate and report site HSE statistics.

Metering & QMI Technician

Position: Metering & QMI Technician
Location: Brunei
Duration: 23 months
Experience: 5-8 years
Responsibility: Provide site survey, create metering inventories, inspect/checking, testing and maintenance of all BSP meters (production measurement and quality measurement) for both offshore and onshore sites.

30 July 2008

Relief Medic

Position: Relief Medic
Location: Lutong, Malaysia
Commence: Jan09
Complete: Dec11

CAT3 CSR Minor Fab Yard

Position: CAT3 CSR Minor Fab Yard
Location: Labuan, Malaysia
Commence: Dec08
Complete: Dec10

CAT3 CSR Site Team

Position: CAT3 CSR Site Team
Location: Lutong, Malaysia
Commence: Dec08
Complete: Dec10

CAT3 Construction Engineer

Position: CAT3 Construction Engineer
Location: Lutong, Malaysia
Commence: Dec08
Complete: Dec10

Controls & Automation Commissioning Engineer

Position: Controls & Automation Commissioning Engineer
Location: Lutong, Miri, Fabrication Yard, Offshore
Commence: Nov08
Complete: Nov10
Duration: 2 years + 1 year extesion

Mechanical Commissioning Engineer

Position: Mechanical Commissioning Engineer
Location: Lutong, Miri, Fabrication Yard, Offshore
Commence: Nov08
Complete: Nov10
Duration: 2 years + 1 year extesion

Drilling Marketing Manager

Position: Drilling Marketing Manager
Location: Vietnam
Experience: Drilling Rig Technical Operations

28 July 2008

Subsea Engineer

Position: Subsea Engineer
Project: Well tie-in
Location: Vietnam
Duration: 4-5 months
Commence: around mid Aug08

26 July 2008

CAT 3 CSR Workbarge / Workboat

Position: CAT 3 CSR Workbarge / Workboat
Reports to: Senior Construction Engineer
Location: Lutong, Miri
Commence: December 2008
Complete: December 2010

Senior DSV CSR

Position: Senior Underwater Company Site Representative (DSV CSR)
Team: Maintenance Engineering
Reports to: Underwater Services Lead
Location: Offshore Sarawak & Sabah, Malaysia
Commence: September 2008
Complete: April 2009

23 July 2008

Kebabangan Project Team

Project: Kebabangan Field Development
Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Duration: 3 years + extension options
Commence: Dec2008
Target: 1st gas by Dec2012
Closing: 29 July 2008
  • Electronic Document Management (EDMS) Coordinator
  • Risk Management / Reporting Coordinator
  • Seismic Interpreter
  • Senior Contract Specialist
  • Senior Cost Engineer
  • Training and Competency Lead

20 July 2008


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You have to sign and fax the "Letter of Consent" to us.
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Attention: The Tender Secretariat


I would like to be contracted as ____________ by Sikom Supplies Sdn. Bhd.

I hereby confirm my acceptance of the Offer of Employment by Sikom Supplies Sdn. Bhd. upon acceptance by the client.

I can be available to report for duty on ____________ .

Signature : _________________
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SIKOM group of companies are an integrated specialized service provider for the energy industry.

Our core services include: Drilling Rigs & Operations, Multidisciplinary Manpower Supply Services, HR Services & Management, Project Management, Technical Consultancy, Specialized Training, Materials and Equipment Supply and other services tailor made to Client’s requirements and specifications.

SIKOM has more than 30 years of experience in providing its services to Operators in the Oil and Gas Industry globally and is in joint-venture with the following operators / leading services companies in the oil & gas industry:

Myanmar: UNOG in manpower supply services, technical training and other services.

Vietnam: PVD-Training in technical training services and other services.

SIKOM has more than 40 international clients with more than 300 professional consultants under SIKOM’s contracts worldwide.

All our consultants operate directly under SIKOM’s payroll. We provide comprehensive HR support services including accommodation, logistics, education support and miscellaneous services for all our staff.

SIKOM is a registered Service Provider for: