21 October 2011

3D Marine Seismic Data Acquisition

Position: 3D Seismic Acquisition Campaign
  • 3D Marine Seismic Acquisition
  • 3D Marine Seismic Positioning
  • 3D Marine Infield Seismic Processing
Location: Offshore Myanmar
Commence: Dec2011
Duration: 60days
  • Possess qualifications in geophysics related field
  • 10years experience in the industry
  • 5years experience as Geophysical QC Consultant for Seismic Data Acquisition
  • Experience in handling Geophysical data QC Processing system
  • Experience in other seismic activities
  • Planning and implementation of 3D Marine Seismic Survey
  • Handled more than 5 projects as geophysical QC Consultant
  • Worked with various seismic acquisition systems i.e various type of sources, streamer, hydrophone, etc
  • Familiar use of SPOT, DGPS, GEOLOC, Satellite Navigation, integrated navigation system i.e. CMS, WISDOM, NORSTAR, etc
  • The use of field data processing or data QC processing
  • Applicants to submit latest updated CV completed with full name, Date & Place of birth, Nationality, Passport No, Educational & Qualification background, point of mobilization, years of experience in related position, professional accreditation, Health Status, Languages, certificates, Other experiences & capabilities