03 July 2012

Corrosion Engineer Specialist

Position: Corrosion Engineer Specialist
Location: Labuan and other locations as required
Commence: Aug/Sept2012
Duration: 2years
  • 15years experience as a Corrosion or Materials Engineer
  • 5years experience on offshore subsea installation projects involving subsea hardware, pipelines and related equipment
  • Degree Qualified in Engineering/Metallurgy
  • Experience in material selection, corrosion engineering/welding engineering for topside and subsea facilities i.e. line pipes and bends (sour and non-sour service) in a range of materials including carbon steel, 316L lined/clad and duplex stainless steel and weldable martensitic stainless steel line pipe
  • Ability to develop corrosion monitoring/mgmt systems and procedures to aid the control of corrosion mechanisms including microbial induced corrosion, CO2 and highly acidic saline environments
  • Technical support during construction phases in areas of automated/semiautomatic welding, materials engineering in both fabrication and installation work phases