09 October 2012

Acquisition QAQC

Position: Acquisition QAQC
Location: Myanmar
Commence: Dec2012
Duration: Approx 5-6months
  • To carry out pre-start technical parameter tests and SSHE auditing
  • To provide supervision of the day-by-day operation
  • To ensure performance of seismic survey contractor maintains a professional standards
  • To verify instrument tests upon arrival of equipment to the worksite and on daily basis to keep all equipments in functional condition throughout the operation
  • To QC recorded seismic data and provide recommendation to achieve better signal to noise ratio data
  • Good knowledge and experience on land seismic data acquisition using Vibroseis and Explosive sources
  • To be cooperative with company's representative or other consultants
  • To report progress of the survey on daily, weekly and monthly basis
  • To ensure that the seismic contractor performance complies with the same standards
  • Good liaison with local authorities and other third parties