05 March 2014

Wellsite Geology

Position: Wellsite Geology
Location: Sultanate of Oman
Commence: May2014
Duration: Call-Out Basis
  • Provide resources to oversee and QC of geologically related services including but not limited to Mudlogging, Wireline Services, Coring Services and LWD/MWD services.
  • Receipt and distribute of field copy data from geologically related services to designated communication list.
  • Liaison between Company G&G department and third party on rig
  • To carry out description and recording of geological samples obtained whilst drilling, and to compile reports and graphical logs during drilling as required by Company G&G department
  • Witnessing and QC of wireline logging operations
  • To assist in picking of casing points, core points and in identifying key areas of interest to encountered when drilling
  • To communicate well status and geologically related information to Company G&G operation during drilling and related operations
  • To compile the Final End of Well Report and Final Composite log upon reaching well TD and submit them to Company office in no more that 5 working days after Well TD
  • The Final Composite Log shall be made by using Techlog or RIS-Info or equivalent software in terms of technical output quality but not less advance
  • To carry out the work to the best abilities and with all due care and skill in safe, efficient and diligent manner, in all respects to the satisfaction of Company and in accordance with internationally recognized best industry practice for similar services.
  • Applicant to submit updated resume completed with Full Personal Details, Point of mobilization, Availability, Expected Day Rate etc to sikom@fusemail.com