01 December 2016

Seismic Reprocessing QAQC

Position: Seismic Reprocessing QAQC
Location: East Malaysia
Commence: Jan2017
Duration: Approx 8months
  • Experience with 10 3D marine PSDM projects within last 15years
  • Experience with 5 3D marine PSDM projects with broadband technique
  • Experience with 2 projects of high velocity geo-body velocity modeling and imaging such as carbonate or salt
  • Experience with 1 project of Reverse-Time-Migration
  • Experience with 2 3D marine PSDM projects in Malaysia
  • 5years experience as processing employee
  • Hands-on experience in one of recognized processing software
  • Has valid permit to work in Malaysia
  • Applicant to submit comprehensive resume completed with Full Personal Details, Expected Day Rate, Availability etc to sikom@fusemail.com before 5 December 2016