06 July 2018

Occupational Health Physician

Position: Occupational Health Physician
Location: KualaLumpur, Malaysia
Commence: Oct2018
Duration: Yearly basis
  • Possess a Medical degree, MD or MBBS recognized by the Malaysian Government
  • Registered with the Malaysian Medical Council as a medical practitioner
  • Possess a post-graduate Occupational Health Physician qualification, e.g. M. Med (OM), MPH (OH), M. Comm. Med (OH) etc
  • Qualified Medical Review Officer (MRO), e.g.MRO (USA) or MRO (AOEMM)
  • Qualified Medical Impairment/Disability Assessor e.g. CIME (USA) or CMIA (NIOSH) is preferred
  • Working experience in O&G company in Malaysia or abroad as the Medical or Health Adivosr of at least 5years duration
  • Experience as the MRO of at least 5years duration
  • Please submit application together with the following details to sikom@sikomsupplies.com:
  1.  CV in MS Word Format
  2. Expected monthly salary
  3. Availability
  4. Years of experience in related position

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