29 January 2021

Ship Vetting Inspector

Position: Ship Vetting Inspector

Location: Malaysia and other countries

Commence: Q2

Duration: Yearly Basis

  • Minimum at least have three (3) inspectors and must be physically and medically fit. They should have a valid OCIMF-SIRE accreditation and accredited for Category 1 (OIL, GAS and CHEMICAL).
  • Must have a Master's license from a recognized flag state for vessels of 3000 gross tonnage or more; or
  • A chief Engineer Officer's license from a recognized flag state fro vesseld powered by main propulsion of 3000 KW or more.
  • Must have at least FIVE (5) years actual sea service onboard tankers, of which not less than TWO (2) years must have been as senior officer on board tanker, or equivalent sea service accepted by OCIMF requirement for Category 1 SIRE inspector, and
  • Shall hold or have held a Certificate of Advanced training appropriate to the tyope of vessel to be inspected or proof of satisfactory training under the STCW Convention/Code.
  • Please submit application together with the following details to sikom@fusemail.com on or before 2 February 2021

  1. CV in Microsoft Word Format
  2. Expected Day rate 
  3. Terms & Conditions
  4. Availability
  5. Years of experience in related position

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