17 January 2022

Specialist (FSR)

Position: Specialist (FSR) 

Location: Offshore Sarawak Waters

Commence: Early April 2022

Duration: Changeout Position

Scope of work: LM2500 Gas Generator Replacement

The equipment: GE LM2500 Gas Turbine

Basic requirements:

  • More than 10 years of working experience performing offshore mechanical rotating equipment maintenance activities.
  • Familiar with LM2500 Gas Turbine Engine.
  • Familiar with safe practices of manual handling involving various types of lifting appliances, tackles and lifted equipment.
  • Has performed complicated engine changeout involving heavy lifting.
  • Has performed more than 5 times of LM2500 GG and PT changeout activities.
  • High level of situational awareness of the execution site with good safety records and behavior.

Please submit application together with the following details to sikom@fusemail.com on or before 21 January 2022.

  1. CV in Microsoft Word Format  (We need to place your CV onto our company letterhead)
  2. Expected Daily rate for Onshore work and Offshore work and your other Conditions (This is essential, as we need to attach the application with each candidate’s expected Terms and Conditions to our client.  Without this, we are not able to submit the proposal to our client)
  3. Terms & Conditions
  4. Availability (Notice requirement for mobilization if you are selected)
  5. Years of experience in related position (Please highlight all areas of relevant experience)

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