31 December 2011


Position: Trainer
  • 4D (Time Lapse) Seismic in Reservoir Management
  • Petroleum Geo engineering, Integration of Static and Dynamic Model
  • Characterization, Evaluation and Enhances Oil Recovery in Naturally Fractured Reservoirs
  • Reservoir Fluid Properties
  • Casing Design (Maximum load design)
  • Development Production Operation
  • Maintenance Planning & Scheduling
  • Commissioning
  • Advance Petroleum Geology
  • Carbonate Reservoir
  • Petro Physical Evaluation
  • Hazardous Area Classification in Electrical Installation
  • High Pressure, High Temperature Engineering
  • Machinery and Equipment Operation
  • Cost Estimating Methods
  • Collect, Organizing and Evaluate Data for Cost Estimates
  • Applied Project Scheduling & Cost Control
  • Contract Management Principals & Practices
Location: Kish Island, Iran
Commence: 2012
Duration: 5days per course
No.ofpax: 15pax per course
  • Applicant to submit latest updated CV completed with the following information i.e.Nationality, Date of birth, Point of mobilization, Years of experience in providing training services and in the specific course interested in, Expected day rate or lumpsum package and Availability on or before 15 January 2012