22 December 2020

Drilliing & Optimization Specialist

Position: Drilliing & Optimization Specialist
Location: Sarawak
Commence: Q1
Duration: Yearly Basis

  • 7 days a week (on 24-hours x 7 days call)
  • Must have minimum Bachelor Degree in the Engineering, Geology, Petroleum or Science discipline;
  • Minimum Twelve (12) years of Oil and Gas Industry experience with at least Eight (8) years of practical well delivery optimization  experience, and minimum Five (5) years of experience in using Engineer's Data Model (COMPASS, WELLPLAN, OpenWells)
  • suites or equivalent that provide comprehensive set of engineering  tools for analysis, well planning, modelling, and well operations optimization;
  • Attended Extended Reach Drilling  (ERD), Stuck Pipe Prevention, Well Control and other Well Operation and Intervention courses;
  • Competent which Bottom Hole Assembly (BHA) analysis, torque and drag, well planning, whirl, hydraulics modelling and management and well bore integrity;
  • Experience in supporting drilling operations and provide intervention for early warning on any anticipated down hole problems;
  • Extensive knowledge of drilling optimization, FEWD response plot, evaluate FEWD and mud longging data;
  • Good knowledge of well control techniqyues, e.g. warning sign, kick detection, hole cleaning and etc; and
  • Knowledge in Surface Data Longging (SDL), Logging While Drilling (LWD), Pore pressure determination, log interpretation, sensor theory, and proficiency in all software applications used in the field
  • Please submit application together with the following details to sikom@fusemail.com on or before 26 December 2020.
  1. CV in Microsoft Word Format
  2. Expected Day rate
  3. Terms & Conditions
  4. Availability
  5. Years of experience in related position

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