10 August 2009

Seismic Acquisition QC Supervisor

Position: Seismic Acquisition QC Supervisor
Location: Ilam, Iran
Rotation: 28/28
Commence: Sep2009
Duration: 8months
Optional: 3months extension
  • 5years experience in acquisition of 2D Land Seismic
  • 5years as a QC supervisor of 2D Land acquisition
  • 572 km (Firm) and 110 km (Contingent) 2D seismic.
  • fluent in English, both spoken and written.
  • good command of Farsi would be an advantage.
  • medically fit
  • experience in Iran or onshore 2D seismic acquisition in desert
  • ensure seismic crew activities at all times are under control and that data files produced are good quality
  • control the work, inspect documents by Seismic contractor, consult Client before approving any modifications of the tolerances and technical specifications
  • carry out inspections to ensure that seismic crew specifications (equipment, materials, personnel)
  • conduct field trials, in detail before embarking on the acquisition.
  • participate in source and recording parameters tests and advise crew on optimal source and recording parameters
  • monitor upholes closely and vary the depths and number of upholes
  • review periodic instrument tests to ensure that the recording systems is functioning to the manufacturer’s specification,
  • monitor geophone and cable tests to ensure that they meet contractual standards and rotational maintenance schedule
  • etc