17 November 2009

Subsea General Inspector

Position: Subsea General Inspector
Location: PortKlang, Malaysia
Duration: 9months
Commence: Dec2009
  • certified by authority (CSWIP, AWS, C&G, AWI, etc).
  • 3years working as NDT Operator / inspector in O&G
  • 6years in subsea industry quality control
  • 5years supervising and signing off hold points in manufacturing and participation at FAT EFAT and SIT testing.
  • qualified by IMM Level II certificate or NACE certificate or equivalent.
  • qualified in Safety and Health Officer Certificate or equivalent certificate from DOSH and NIOSH.
  • experienced and knowledgeable in more than one discipline of quality control.
  • capable of performing activities ensuring proper application of protective coatings (paint) familiar with quality of construction materials and material specification.
  • thorough knowledge of Subsea hardware, Subsea Controls & Subsea Umbilical and knowledgeable of the API 17 series and ISO 13628 standards.
  • organizational and administrative ability to substitute for the QA Engineer as may be required from time to time.
  • good working knowledge pertaining to welding procedures and specifications, joint preparations, welding techniques, filler metal, base metal, heat treatment, material compatibility, weld repair and welding equipment.
  • able to interpret results of radiographic, magnetic particle and dye penetrant testing.