21 November 2009

Structural Welding Inspector

Position: Structural Welding Inspector
Duration: 3years
Commence: Jan2010
Location: FabricationYard, Thailand ; Batam, Indonesia ; Yetagun, Myannar
  • qualified by experience or certified by a recognised authority (CSWIP, AWS, City & Guilds, Australian Welding Institute etc)
  • SPM / High School Level
  • 5years welding inspection experience, in fabrication and/or construction of offshore facilities
  • Valid Medical Certificate
  • Valid HUET & Offshore Curvival Certificate (NOSP or NPSP)
  • worked 2 projects for PSC projects
  • good working knowledge, to provision of AWS, ASME, ANSI, API codes, pertaining towelding procedures and specifications, joint preparations, welding techniques, filler metal, base etal, heat treatment, material compatibility, weld repair and welding equipment.
  • able to interpret results of radiographic, magnetic particle and dye penetrant testing