21 March 2013

Safety Performance Coaches

Position: Safety Performance Coaches
Location: KualaLumpur, Malaysia
Commence: May2013
Duration: 1year with extension option
  • 10years working experience in HSE in the O&G industry
  • Certified in the delivery and implementation of a proven Safety Performance Optimization process such as Safely Achieving the Technical LimitTM (SATLTM)
  • Certified in Situational Leadership IITM for effective leadership development coaching in the field
  • Trained in the concepts of an interdependent safety culture and how to effectively work with teams to develop this culture
  • Trained in the implementation of Behavioral Based Safety processes
  • Trained in a proven root cause analysis tool such as TapRootTM
  • Some knowledge of internationally recognized HSE standards
  • Applicable HSE qualifications
  • Proven facilitation and presentation skills
  • Strong computer literacy and analytical and observational skills for identification of safety trends
  • Trained in ISO 9001-2000 compliance