25 January 2019

QA/QC Engineer

Position: QA/QC Engineer
Work Location: Vietnam
Commencement: April 2019
Contract Duration: Approximately 1 month call-out, 5 well program

Minimum years of Drilling/Completion/Well Testing QAQC Experience: 3 years
Minimum Years of Industry Experience: 10 Years
Age limit: 60 years

Must posses the following:
Knowledge/experience as per ISO 9001 certified, API Inspection Standards and recognized standard as: API 5D, 7, 7-1, 7-2, DS-1, NS-1, NS-2 or equivalent, applicable for the drilling/completion/well testing equipment.
Please specify the detailed list of experience of ISO certificate/ API standard/ recognized standards/ or equivalent standards.

Scope of Work:
a.    Conduct Surveillance Services of QA/QC at Client’s Third Party Contractor (TPC) and Client’s Drilling and Completion/Well Testing Equipment prior to being dispatched to the rig site, which include but not limited to the following:
-    To witness physical inspection and function testing of all equipment, tools and spare parts.
-    Review of inspection and maintenance procedures/practices.
-    Validation of inspection & preventive maintenance records.
b.    Provide expert guidance and advice on the quality assurance and inspection requirements and standards (as per ISO 9001 certified, API Standards and recognized industry published standard DS-1 or NS-1 & NS-2 or equivalent applicable for the drilling/ completion/ well testing  equipment.
c.    Conduct analysis of equipment condition and standards of maintenance, in accordance with API standards, equipment manufacturer's specifications and recommendations.
d.    Conduct check on proper installation and working condition of safety devices for accident prevention and avoidance of equipment failures.
e.    Evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of the Preventive Maintenance System.
f.    On-site implementation and management of Quality Assurance Program for drilling and well completion equipment.
g.    QAQC and Supervision of 3rd party inspection activities.
h.    QC auditing of manufacturing plants, inspection companies, machine shops and rental companies for all well operations.

Please submit application together with the following details to sikom@fusemail.com:
  • CV in Microsoft Word Format
  • Expected day rate or monthly salary
  • Availability
  • Years of experience in related position
Application deadline: 8 February 2019

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