03 June 2020

Drilling Superintendent

Position: Drilling Superintendent
Location: HCMC, Vietnam
Commence: Sept2020
Duration: 1year with extension option

  • Possess a recognized degree in Engineering.
  • 15years diversified petroleum industry experience with minimum of 5years’ experience as a Drilling Superintendent in directing, co-ordinating and managing drilling, work-over and completion activities on floating rig, jack-up rig and platform.
  • Must have a vast knowledge in drilling engineering and preferable had previous experience working as a drilling engineer involved with drilling engineering planning and preparation of drilling program. This is required such that the drilling operations will be conducted in the most efficient, cost effective and safe manner within the allocated time and budget.
  • Had experience working in Offshore Vietnam and experience in carbonate / basement drilling.
  • Had experience in SIMOP (Simultaneous operation)
  • Must possess a valid IWCF well control certificate at level 3 or 4.
  • Must possess a valid BOSIET and Medical Certificates.
  • Must be proactive and ever willing to venture into new and proven drilling techniques with specific objective of reducing operation costs.
  • Must possessed excellent inter-personal quality.
  • Must be fluent in English, both spoken and written.
  • Must have a good working knowledge on personal computer and software such as Lotus SmartSuite, Microsoft Office, etc.
  • Preferably has previous experience working in a multi-disciplinary team. 
  • Preferably the latest job is a Drilling Superintendent
  • Age between 50 to 65 years old.
  • Shall be in sound physical condition and must be agile to perform his duties.  Evidence in the form of medical certificate must be provided when requested.
  • Must have basic understanding of the theories and principals involved in the following diversified technical areas:-

    1. International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC) broad guidelines and practices.
    2. American Petroleum Institute (API) state-on-the-art broad references.
    3. Various Drilling Rig and vessels design, safety specification and selection.
    4. Well planning – Shallow-gas casing design.
    5. Wellhead & Tubular design.
    6. Drilling fluids program design.
    7. Drilling Bits selection and performance.
    8. Directional drilling planning/ programming.
    9. Wellbore trajectory planning/ optimization.
    10. Directional surveying method/ equipment/ accuracy/ required result.
    11. Bottom hole assemblies and Downhole measurement selection.
    12. Hydraulic Program.
    13. Well control equipment/ methods.
    14. Well logging equipment/ techniques.
    15. Cementing equipment/ pilot test/ program design.
    16. Fishing tools.
    17. Well completion equipment.
    18. P&A Operations and Completion technology.
    19. Computer Operating System and Engineering software, etc.

  • Working knowledge in areas such as production testing, interpreting electric log and mud log and basic knowledge of geology is required.  Basic knowledge of customs, immigration and health regulations in each area of operations is also necessary.
  • The applicant MUST provide the following details to sikom@fusemail.com before 10June2020

    1. CV in MS Word Format
    2. Place and Date of Birth
    3. Point of mobilization
    4. Expected day rate
    5. Availability
    6. Years of experience in similar position

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