18 October 2022

Wellsite Geologist

Position: Wellsite Geologist

Location: West and East Malaysia

Commence: Year 2022


  • Onsite supervision of all geological operations and various well data acquisition and active participation in critical decisions through interpretation of all available data.
  • Ensure accurate and detailed records of all matters related to geological operations and timely submission of daily geological operations report. Reporting shall cover 24-hour daily operation.
  • Perform quality control (QC) of all geological data and validation from service providers and ensure all data are transmitted to COMPANY's office or server on timely basis.
  • Prepare well composite log according to COMPANY's standard while drilling in real time, to be streamed to COMPANY online database, where applicable.
  • Perform geological well correlation integrating gas logs, images, cuttings lithology, cavings, MWD/LWD, Wireline and other operational data.
  • Please submit application together with the following details to sikom@fusemail.com on or before 25 October 2022.

All Applicant must provide CV completed with:

  1. CV in Microsoft Word Format  (We need to place your CV onto our company letterhead)
  2. Full personal information (Name, Date and Place of Birth, Nationality, Point of Domicile and highlight in the CV all areas of work experience)
  3. Expected Daily rate and other Terms and Conditions, if any (This is a MUST. Without this information, we will not be able to propose applicant to the Client)
  4. Availability (Notice requirement for mobilization if you are selected)

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