10 November 2022

Pore Pressure Fracture Gradient (PPFG) Specialist

Position: Pore Pressure Fracture Gradient (PPFG) Specialist

Location: West and East Malaysia

Commence: Year 2023


  • Provide Geological Operations support during well planning stage and drilling of the well.
  • Ensure data acquisition program is executed as per program: Monitor tool availability, prepare detailed logging instructions, monitor and advise wellsite geologist and third-party logging services, provide QC during drilling and logging operations.
  • Liaise with Drilling and Subsurface teams during drilling and data acquisition operations.
  • Advise Subsurface team on the optimized data acquisition program during well planning stage and to be cost effective.
  • Assist in writing and/or editing data acquisition programs, Well Proposal and Geological Completion Reports.
  • To overlook mudlogging, LWD, wireline and any data acquisition contracts.
  • To help with managing the Wellsite Geologist (WSG).
  • To help prepare PPFG analysis of during well planning stage and during drilling operations using Company Predict software in a timely 
  • manner using available LWD dataset and drilling data.
  • Assist in preparing Validation Report and liaising with PPFG specialists 
  • To help with PPFG write-up for Well Proposal and Geological Completion Reports.
  • To help perform Pore Pressure (PP) predictions during drilling operations using available LWD and drilling dataset. Monitor well on a 24 hours basis with support of PP prediction services onsite.
  • Advise Drilling and Subsurface teams on expected PP development, prepare daily reports and updates at regular intervals.
  • To help supervise onsite PP prediction services during drilling operations.
  • Perform weekend duty as Operations Geologist and stand-in for subsurface Operations Geologist when necessary.

Please submit application together with the following details to sikom@fusemail.com on or before 20 November 2022.

  1. All Applicant must provide CV completed with:
  2. CV in Microsoft Word Format  (We need to place your CV onto our company letterhead)
  3. Full personal information (Name, Date and Place of Birth, Nationality, Point of Domicile and highlight in the CV all areas of work experience)
  4. Expected Daily rate and other Terms and Conditions, if any (This is a MUST. Without this information, we will not be able to propose applicant to the Client)
  5. Availability (Notice requirement for mobilization if you are selected)

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