13 January 2009

Geophysical QC Consultant

Position: Geophysical QC Consultant
Location: Vietnam
Commence: Jan2009
Duration: 6 months
Optional: 6 months extension
  • Qualifications in geophysics related field
  • 10 years in O&G
  • 5 years as Geophysical QC Consultant.
  • handling Geophysical data QC/processing system.
  • Planning and implementation of 2D Marine Seismic Survey.
  • Worked with seismic acquisition systems
  • Worked with seismic acquisition techniques/parameters
  • use of SPOT/DGPS/GEOLOC, Satellite Navigation/GPS and integrated navigation system such as CMS, WISDOM, NORSTAR, etc. for positioning.
  • use of onboard data processing and/or data QC processing.