26 June 2009

Senior Project Engineer - Living Quarters

Position: Senior Project Engineer - Living Quarters
Location: Brunei
Commence: Aug2009
Duration: Permanent
  • responsible for the LQ part of the project, including design, fabrication, transport and installation.
  • On site presence at the LQ fabrication yard
  • Pre FID activities on extended business trip
  • Degree in a relevant engineering discipline (Structural, Civil or Mechanical Engineering is envisaged).
  • Chartered Engineer or equivalent who has been part of a resident engineering and/or construction team.
  • qualified discipline/project engineer
  • 8years experience in O&G design, construction, commissioning and Project Management.
  • Excellent team player who can ensure contractor delivers on time and on spec.
  • Construction and contractor management knowledge.
  • Being the most senior representative should act responsibly and adequately towards the contractor.
  • Previous resident team participation and leadership is expected.