20 July 2009

Senior Geoscientist

Position: Senior Geoscientist
Location: Peninsular Malaysia
Commence: Sep2009
Duration: Permanent
  • Bachelor’s / master’s in geoscience
  • 10years in the upstream petroleum industry,
  • strong geological interpretation and mapping skills
  • knowledge of structural and stratigraphic interpretation, sequence stratigraphy and well log petrophysical analysis.
  • knowledge of extensional & compressional tectonic settings, shelfal & deep water depositional systems & architectures.
  • knowledge of basin modelling and petroleum geochemistry.
  • Proven record in well operations and monitoring.
  • knowledge of exploration processes from play fairway analysis to prospect maturation, volumetric assessment, risk assessment and the synthesis of diverse regional datasets.
  • Familiarity with Landmark, Petrosys and Petrel interpretation software would be highly advantageous.
  • Excellent written and spoken English
  • Detailed seismic and well studies to assess new play potential blocks
  • Develop and plan for additional operational activities - further seismic acquisition, processing, CSEM or piston core surveys
  • Regional Malaysia Evaluation via PETRONAS data rooms, and work with Houston staff to integrate into shelf to basin stratigraphy and depositional architecture
  • Compilation of data to integration into regional carbonate play framework (key for both blocks)
  • Continuation of understanding the regional tectonics of the South China Sea
  • Coordination of biostratigraphic analysis of key wells
  • Compile a database of completions with accompanying information on net to gross, porosity, permeability and saturation,
  • understanding the current CSEM survey - and start to develop a plan for future surveys
  • Pursue the development of data base of thin/laminated reservoir completions - build on GOM, where data is readily available.
  • Ensure well design for MWO wells adequately allows for thin bed analysis.
  • Data Submittal Conformance (seismic acquisition & processing, CSEM acquisition & processing , Grav/mag acquisition & processing, Drilling data & Sample analyses)
  • Mentoring of national geoscience staff – graduates and secondees