17 July 2009

Senior Metering QMI Technician

Position: Senior Metering QMI Technician
Location: Brunei
Commence: Sep2009
Duration: 23months
  • Plan, co-ordinate, supervise and perform the metering improvement activities, studies, upgrading, engineering, safe operation and Plan, supervise and technical assistance of maintenance tasks, preventive and corrective maintenance, work instructions, Maintenance Job Routine Check and verify compliance to applicable standards, procedures and estimate the uncertainty of critical metering systems.
  • Review the metering envelope of production metering system and QMI including test and production separators.
  • recommendation and justification for modification, replacement and upgrade metering system
  • technical support, assistance, guidance to metering system technician and field operator for calibration, validation, and verification of all production metering system.
  • troubleshooting complex and recurring equipment faults.
  • Determine the requirement or involvement of vendor specialist for specific problem beyond the capability of metering technician.
  • assist well test supervisor during well testing operation to ensure high quality data acquisition
  • Bachelor degree in Instrumentation, or control system engineering or equivalent
  • 12-15years relevant experience in O&G production measurement systems.
  • Sound knowledge of flow measurement principles
  • Good knowledge with the operation and maintenance various type flow meter, DP meters, PD meter, turbine meter, coriolis meter, USM, electromagnet flow meter and Water Cut Meter, flow computers, GLCs, and densitometer.
  • Aware of the general concepts and principles of electronics and microprocessor technology, including computers.
  • Good knowledge of current multi-phase flow meters.
  • Conversant with all relevant standards (ISOs, APIs, AGAs & DEPs) and calculation methodologies.
  • Understand the measurement allocation and reconciliation processes.
  • good understanding of all related major engineering disciplines
  • good knowledge of calibration tools and equipment.
  • Able to communicate in English including writing.