01 November 2010

Downhole Well Test Equipment & Services

Position: Downhole Well Test Equipment & Services
  • DST Supervisor
  • Gauge Engineer
  • Sampling specialist
  • Sampling operator
  • Project Engineer/Co-ordinator
Location: Wellsite, rig or platform, Oman
commence: Jan2011
Duration: 3years with option to extension
  • Supply & maintain necessary tools, equipment & supplies, inlcuding a reasonable inventory of spare parts
  • Personnel to conduct Donwhole well testing, donwhole pressure & temperature survey and bottomhole fluid sampling operations as and when required
  • Rif up, function and pressure test downhole well testing tools, downhole pressure and temperature surveys and bottomhole fluding sampling equipment.
  • Provide a well maintained and in a good operating condition, necessary equipment, competent personnel, technical support, and services required for the performance of the complete services at the work site