25 May 2012

Survey Engineer

Position: Survey Engineer
Location: Southern Asia and Malaysia Water
Commence: Aug2012
Duration: 1year with extension option
  1. 2years as Geologist, Geotechnical Engineer preferably in an offshore environment and engineering knowledge, competent IT skills
  2. Demonstrate performance criteria as stipulated in IMCA Survey Engineer Grade I Core Competencies S20 and S22 Competencies Tables
  3. Performs the deployment and recovery of In-Sea equipment for towed seismic operations
  4. Responsible for operating any surface, sub-surface positioning related systems
  5. Abide by both company and client rules and instruction at all time, except where to do so would constitute a hazard, threat to personnel or equipment
  6. To co-ordinate activity with other members of the Company in a mutually helpful way