09 December 2010

Construction Engineer

Position: Construction Engineer
Location: Kiyanly, Turkmenistan
Commence: Jan2011
Duration: 6months
  • Evaluate design requirements and schedule and define boundaries between construction and other scope of work and develop the project execution plan.
  • Analyse project schedule and execute contracting strategy, contract document and evaluation. Recommend various types of construction contracts and determine the competent contractor to approving Board & Committee
  • Appraise Contractor’s project planning packages, evaluate contractor’s achievement on schedule and resources and make corrective action to meet the overall schedule. Provide feedback on project status.
  • Develop projects cost measures, verify work progress and invoicing. Audit rightful claims for changes in work involving addition and deletion of scope and actual work requirement.
  • Scrutinise Contractor’s safety programs and practices and provide recommendation for improvement
  • Implement QA plan and procedures and QC at work- site for compliance to HSEMS requirement
  • Interested Candidate to submit latest updated CV before 14 December 2010