09 December 2010

Resident Engineer

Position: Resident Engineer
Location: Kiyanly, Turkmenistan
Commence: Jan2011
Duration: 6months
  • Administer the Contract to ensure the Contractor executes the project in full compliance with its terms and conditions.
  • Supervise and delegate work to Site Team members.
  • Review, evaluate, monitor and appraise the Contractor’s Planning Package.
  • Review and Approve all project documents under RE’s responsibilities and LOA i.e PSP.
  • Identify and highlight to Contractor the desired sequence of project implementation and completion.
  • Review and approve Subcontractor to be engaged in the project.
  • Monitor actual project progress achieved against planned.
  • Identify the reasons for delay and the rectification measures to be taken.
  • Reports to CSR/PM concerning the Contractor’s activities, performance and potential problem areas.
  • Seek CSR’s and/or PM on pertinent information i.e Changes to the Contractor’s corporate structure,Changes in Contractor’s key management personnel and Labour union disputes.
  • Identify contractual matters to be followed-up prior to demobilization from site.
  • Interested Candidate to submit latest updated CV before 14 December 2010