22 December 2010

Senior Drilling Supervisor

Position: Senior Drilling Supervisor
Location: Onshore Muscat, Oman
Commence: Jan2011
  • Possess Degree in Engineering
  • 10years diversified petroleum industry experience gained trough long
  • exposure to drilling, workover and completion operations at rig site
  • 5years onshore drilling operation as Drilling Supervisor, including drilling and testing the HPHT wells. Must
  • possess valid well control certificate (IWCF preferred)
  • Working knowledge in areas such as production testing, interpreting electric logs, mud logs
  • and geology
  • Basic knowledge of customs, immigration and health regulations in Sultanate of Oman
  • Basic understanding of theories and principles involved in the following diversified technical areas:-
  1. International Association of Drilling BIDDERs (IADC)’s broad guidelines and practices
  2. American Petroleum Institute (API)’s state-of-art broad references
  3. Various land rigs design, safety specifications and selection
  4. Well Planning – shallow gas / casing design
  5. Wellheads and tubular designs
  6. Drilling fluids program design
  7. Drill bits selection and performance
  8. Directional drilling planning, programming
  9. Wellbore trajectory planning, optimisation
  10. Directional surveying method, equipment, accurac, required results
  11. Bottomhole assemblies and Downhole Measurement selection
  12. Hydraulics Program
  13. Formation coring equipment, program
  14. Fishing tools
  15. Well Completion equipment
  16. Engineering softwares and computer literacy