09 December 2010

Electrical Inspector

Position: Electrical Inspector
Location: Kiyanly, Turkmenistan
Commence: Jan2011
Duration: 6months
  • Coordinate closely with CONTRACTOR to minimize work interference due to engineering or construction quality problems.
  • Ensure that proper quality control techniques and procedures are established by the contractor
  • Ensure that quality control is carries out during the installation phase. This shall include but not limited to the following items:-
  1. Wires, cables and cable glands
  2. Cable trays
  3. Batteries and charges
  4. Navigational alds
  5. Communication system
  6. Lighting and receptacles
  7. Generators
  8. Gas turbines
  9. Switch gear
  10. Motor Control Center
  11. Fire and gas panels
  12. Equipments and facilities tagging
  13. Tubings and fittings
  14. Supports and Brackets
  15. Instrument calibrations etc
  • Interested Candidate to submit latest updated CV before 14 December 2010