28 August 2008

Fire & Gas Technicians

Position: Fire & Gas Technicians
Location: Port Harcourt, Nigeria
Rotation: 28/28 day
Duration: 6 months
Optional: Extension on project progress
  • 10 years experience in offshore O&G fields as an Instrument Technician with 5 years specialising in the commissioning of Fire & Gas systems.
  • required to be attested and certified as Competent Instrument Person under the competency requirements of the Electrical Safety rules.
  • Conduct Activity Risk Assessments using ARAT tool.
  • Raise Isolation Certificates and Permit to Work requests.
  • Conduct toolbox talks within discipline team.
  • Carry out basic maintenance and servicing work on F&G devices and systems.
  • Rectify punch list items.
  • Compile all check sheet documentation, check sheets results and identify punch list items as appropriate.
  • Perform all inspection and testing activities identified on pre-commissioning check sheets on the Fire and Gas system
  • Perform inspections and pre-energisation on the F&G systems.
  • Perform calibration and pre-commissioning checks on all field devices, detectors, damper and valve actuators etc.
  • Carry out fault finding diagnostics on F&G devices and systems as required.
  • Support specialist vendor on the re-commissioning of the Fire & Gas System.