26 August 2008

ROV Services

Position: ROV Services (Equipments and Personnel)
Location: Vietnam
Duration: 2 years
Commence: 2009

Minimum technical specification:-
  • Hydraulic Power: 30 HP
  • Depth rating: 100m
  • Manipulator: Two(2) arms (5 functions)
  • Vehicle speed: For:3.5knots, Aft:2knots, Lat1knot, Ver:1knot.
  • Wireline cutting: Minimum 0.75”
  • Video and Lighting: High Performance color video camera (Front/Rear/TMS) and Low level lighting camera c/w recorder, zoom pan & tilt.
  • TMS.
  • Fit to Torque Tool.
  • Sonar.
  • Configuration: Built in modular c/w proper working console, Easy transportable unit and generator.
  • Flood light with variable intensity.
  • Explosion Proof Monitor on Rig floor.
  • Navigation and positioning equipment.
  • Wash gun.
  • Torque Tool.