19 September 2008

Underwater Company Site Representative

Position: Senior Underwater Company Site Representative
Projects: CAT 1 Activity Support (DSV CSR)
Location: Sarawak & Sabah, Malaysia
Duration: 260 days
Commence: Call-off basis
  • competent in underwater operations and possess underwater bell diving supervisor certification (e.g. IMCA Supervisor) with 5 years or accumulated 10 years working experience in role such as diving superintendent / diving operations superintendent / diving offshore construction manager on a diving vessel / barge.
  • 3 years working experience as a diving Company Representative on a diving vessel / barge.
  • 15 years working experience in underwater operations and engineering experience in the Subsea engineering (Saturation, Air & ROV) industry.
  • HND (Diploma) or Degree preferably in mechanical or structural engineering.
  • conversant with all IMCA requirements pertaining to the activities referred to in the roles & responsibilities as demonstrated in diving supervisory role or IMCA audits participation.
  • familiar with all underwater activities including construction, Inspection and maintenance techniques and equipment.
  • aware of relevant legislation / guidance in Malaysia in relation to underwater operations and safety e.g. IMO regulations.
  • able to communicate (both written and spoken) in English fluently.
  • capable of producing reports, audit documents, charts, forms, presentations etc. using word processing software (Word, Excel, PowerPoint).